The New Age Movement

By: Ron Lagerquist

The New Age Movement believes that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, a New World Order. Mankind will experience a great evolution that will force us to lay down prejudice and religious bias, coming together as a single god-consciousness. Together we shall become God.

The New Age Movement is a form of Pantheism. Pantheists believes that God is the sum total of all that exists. They strongly support the idea of a one world government, since global unity is vital to the free flow of the god force. A one world government would allow the natural evolution of human kind. Before there can be world unity, dogmatic Christianity must be dismantled. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, unified in perfect love and harmony. Each, a valid and viable path to God. With this new god-consciousness, we will be able to work together against the true evils of society, selfishness and religious bias which have produced wars, hate and the raping of the natural world. The endgame is this worldwide unification will be led by the loving, but firm hands of a single man. A man who has found his inner karma, achieved Christ consciousness, reached Nirvana, attained harmonic convergence with the universe and become a portal for the great spirit guides. He is the noble prophet, the chosen one to usher mankind into the Age of Awareness. And the only force that will stand in his way is a small, rag–tag bunch of close-minded Christian interest groups running around proclaiming, He’s the Devil. He’s the Antichrist.

What is the difference between the New Age Movement and Christianity?

I am seeking a Christ consciousness within. New Agers pray to God, believe in angels, meditate, read the Bible, and even go to church on Sundays. They are intensely conscious of spirituality and believe in life after death. They believe in goodness and kindness, unity and faith, love and generosity. They are active in the community, and often display deep compassion.

So what’s the big deal? It is the cross of Christ that separates Christianity from all other forms of faith. The cross says that we are all spiritually dead. (Eph 2:1). God is unreachable, completely holy and is incapable of having a friendship with us. God is Spirit, man is spiritually dead. God is Holy, man is sin.

The cross says that the gulf that separates God and man cannot be bridged by meditation, prayer, spiritual awakening, channeling, encounter groups, crystal therapy, centering, or harmonic convergence. As much as we may feel spiritually connected, it’s just an illusion because to God, ...all our righteous acts are like filthy rags (Isa 64:6). Soulish at best, our spiritual strivings are no more spiritual than a plastic Jesus in a plastic manager at Christmas.

"There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God."

Romans 3:1

The above description is from God's vantage point. Sin is spiritual cancer, it has no creative force of its own. It twists and perverts, and is viciously contagious. It passes from father to son and mother to daughter. It leads to self–dependence and pride, which are forms of self–worship. This type of insanity leaves the mind wide open to subjective, created, realities which are unable to comprehend the things of God.

Friendship with God is on His terms, not yours. Seeking to feel spiritual through any avenue other than the cross is meaningless, meaningless a chasing after the wind (Ecc 1:1). It is only when we understand our spiritual condition that we can really understand the cross.

...the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness (Heb 9:22).This was no mystery to an Israelite. For thousands of years, the law required that animal sacrifices be performed for the forgiveness of sins. A lamb without blemish would be taken to the priest. The lamb would then be slaughtered and its blood would be poured out over the altar. But, it is ...impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins (Heb 10:4). The sacrifice of animals was unable to clear the conscience of the worshiper. But Christ, the Lamb of God, has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

Jesus hung between heaven and earth, naked and alone, bearing all shame and guilt. There is one path to God, through His Son Jesus Christ. It is not a path that leads up to heaven, but a path that leads down to earth from heaven. It is here that we find the fundamental difference between Christianity and all other religions, cults and belief systems. Mans' efforts to reach up to God are futile. True Christianity is God reaching down to an impossibly lost world through His Son, Jesus. It makes no difference how fancy your church is, how long you meditate and fast in prayer. It makes no difference to God how much humanitarian work you do in this world. Nothing can purchase the mercy of God. It is only through faith in His Son, and in the work of the cross that we receive relationship with God.

If you are not sure of your eternal position before God, you can be. God loves you more than you can possibly understand. He knows you by name. Come as you are. Accept His gift by repenting from your self–dependence and honestly cry out from your heart, Oh God, I see my sinfulness. I need a Savior. I open my heart and ask you to come in. I give myself to you.

Through this prayer, you can be absolutely assured of your position before God. You are forgiven and made clean by the blood of Christ. You are dressed in His righteousness and Holiness. You have been made as if you had never sinned. Your hopeless past is behind you, and your future is filled with hope and blessing. 

 When you die, you will be with God forever. Not because of how good you are or how faithful you are, or how much you pray, but because of the faithful love of your Father.

If you have just made Jesus, Lord, we want to encourage and support you. Write me at:

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There is nothing wrong with the New Age movement. It teaches that we are part of God/Souce and reminds us of our Divinity. Christianity teaches you that you are separate from God, will go to Hell for your sins, and that God is a wrathful God. It also says that you cannot get into Heaven unless you're "saved". Sorry, but I believe in an unconditionally loving God, not a God to be feared.
Awesome! Thank you! I LOVE ALL THE QUOTES FROM THE BIBLE! Thank you keep quoting THE WORD!
Thank you. Very encouraging.
Way too many quotes from the bible, which is a book written by man and not God. St. Germain, and his beloved twin flame, Lady Portia, were granted a Cosmic Dispensation to present to people, in clear and concise terms, their Divine Heritage and knowledge of their connection to the God Within, their I AM PRESENCE. Never before as such a Cosmic Dispensation been granted. This is what the New Age is all about - it is about re-connecting to the God Within, your I AM Presence, and allowing It to control your life and not your ego. Let's face it: there is way too much violence in the many versions of the bible. During the many councils of Nicea in 375AD, all references to karma and reincarnation were removed - all but one" "you shall be born again". Jesus/Sananda and his wife, Mary Magdalene/ Lady Master Nada, were granted a Cosmic Dispensation to help people reach their Christed Self/Christ Consciousness/Higher Mental Body - a connected that is needed before one can connect with his/her I AM PRESENCE. Yes, all religions have a kernel of spiritual truth that is often deeply buried. Remember, we are all God's Children and Father/Mother God, Alpha and Omega, do not want Their children warring against each other. There is no such thing as a holy war - it is a violent act upon another and is not tolerated in the Higher Realms. I suggest reading anything by ADK LUK and also, the St Germain series. Blessings, K
I do agree with this article, except one thing, in the book of acts there are numerous examples of repentance, there is one more step. To be washed clean by the blood of the lamb and be saved we must also be baptized. Acts 2:22-24, 36-41 Acts 8:12 Acts 8:13 Acts 8:34-39 Acts 9:17-18 Acts 10:39-48 Acts 16:13-16 Acts 16:27-34 Acts 18:5-8 Acts 19:1-6 Acts 22:6-16 Galatians 3:22-29 Colossians 2:9-13 1Peter 3:18-21. Many people in the churches of today have forgotten how important baptism really is, ironically enough even the Baptists downplay the importance of baptism, when it is clearly stated in the bible numerous times.
Nicole Brown
I am obese and I have read your site off and on.. I have reached the end of my rope and have reached out to the Lord to help me in this fast. The Lord IS FAITHFUL. Thank you for reminding me...
Very good article. Just going through colon cancer, thanks for the helps.
B Wolsleger
You writing is very confusing. I'm not sure you're a Christian from what I'm reading.
Eve Baxter
Levia Jael Grace
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