Street Drugs

By: Ron Lagerquist

Drugs are like a tornado in the brain, leaving in its wake an emotional and chemical chaos. In a matter of seconds of inhaling the fumes of a burning rock of crack, euphoria explodes in the brain, catapulting its victim into heights of self-confidence, clear mindedness, pleasure and freedom from negative thoughts. As quickly as he goes up, he comes down. Crash! leaving an aftermath of despair and emptiness. This short-lived high ends in an emotional free-fall that smashes through the body's normal emotional state into the depths of emptiness and despair, resulting in a physiological and emotional addiction. The next hit is less intense and more is needed to achieve the same euphoria because the body has responded by readjusting its normal metabolic state. For some, crack will press the button of euphoria, but for others it triggers fear and terror, intensifying one hundred fold.

If health was a bank account, using addictive substances like coffee, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is like borrowing on credit. After twenty years of spending health without any investments the body is bankrupt. All drugs, including prescription drugs, deplete health by penetrating deep into the cellular tissue.

Computerized Axial Tomography (CT scan) has detected structural brain damage in people who have a history of drug abuse. Most likely this damage has been caused by hemorrhaging and blood clots associated with using drugs. The CT scan was sensitive enough to detect a blood clot in a new-born baby 24 hours after birth. The mother had taken one gram of cocaine 15 hours before delivery.

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