Spiritual Health

By: Ron Lagerquist

“It’s naive to think that you can lose 50 pounds of body fat, start an exercise program or make any dramatic lifestyle change by simply signing up to a new program.”

Why would a website focused on fasting, weight loss and nutrition have a Spiritual Health section? One of the misconceptions people have when trying to change their diet, lose weight, or start to exercise, is disconnecting their emotional and spiritual health from their lifestyle habits. They try a weight loss program and fail in disillusionment. Getting up off the floor of failure, they assume it must have been the fault of the program, so they try a different one, and fail just as badly. In a complete opposite way, Churches often ignore the physical needs of people, and only focus on the spiritual. Diet programs ignoring the spiritual, Churches downplaying the physical, both resulting in fat and unhealthy people, and statistics are showing, are getting fatter every year. 

Here’s the thing. You are both spiritual and physical, and both must be considered when it comes to health. Jesus understood this. His ministry was to the whole person. In fact Jesus was a holistic health clinic on legs. 

"Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people." 

Matthew 4:23

It’s naive to think that you can lose 50 pounds of body fat, start exercising or make any dramatic lifestyle change by simply signing up to a new program. First of all, why are your 50 pounds overweight in the first place? Why did you eat hundreds of empty, extra calories a day while hating how you looked in the mirror? These are spiritual questions, and if they are not answered, you will never have control over your health. 

At FreedomYou, we try to give as much attention to the topic of how to overcome food addictions as we do on how to pick the right fats and carbs. Ultimately, freedom will be realized when you’re able to find the roots to your unhealthy choices, like overeating because you are trying to fill a spiritual emptiness inside, or feelings of insecurity, or simple boredom from a lack of purpose. Here’s the good news, there are real answers. With the right help, no matter how many times you have failed, you can have victory over your health. 

Number one under our FreedomYou Mission statement is, “To model the whole ministry of Christ, by providing liberating instruction for the whole need of man.” 

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Hi. My name is Cascadia. You can call me Cassie. This article has "really" opened my eyes. I have done a few 14 day water fasts and one 16 day water fast, but I, for the most part, failed with them. Gaining weight back and finding myself in tears. Why? This article totally helped me to understand that the reason why is because I have been afraid to combine the spiritual part of fasting with the physical part. I thought I would be selfish or vain to "say" I was fasting for God but in all honesty, my main goal being weight loss. Author Ron has really pointed out here that "that" is precisely why I failed! The two go hand in hand, spiritual and physical. There is absolutely "nothing" wrong with my wanting to lose weight and change these food habits that are, quite frankly, killing me, and also add the spiritual component. Actually I don't think a person can really have one without the other. I am planning on starting a 40-day water fast on November 6, and this article has REALLY give me a great perspective to prepare with. I will be fasting for both spiritual and physical reasons, with no guilt allowed to come along!!! THANK YOU. SO much. I will forever be a fan of, contribute to, and be grateful to freedomyou. God bless!!!
Yes, the only true, thorough and permanent healing is diving healing. We are woefully misunderstanding when we believe we can correct ourselves solely through our human will!
Perfect Word from GOD through CHRIST JESUS!!!
Agree! You're just genious. Sent by God to help and heal many people. Thank you n God Bless Your Ever Life !
Right on target! I think the Lord led me to your site today...
Melissa Jefferson
Amazing! Love it
This is very true
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