Raw Nut And Seed Oils

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Nearly all nuts and seeds are sold deep-fried or roasted, heavily seasoned with salt and other undesirables, making them highly addictive. Ensure all your nuts and seeds are raw."

There are two ways to ingest the rich oils in nuts and seeds. One is simply eating them whole and raw; the other is buying their extracted oils.

Important note: The better an oil is for you, the more fragile it is. The valued oils extracted from nuts and seeds are extremely delicate and should be handled with the same care as you would a fresh cut of meat. Like any raw meat, these oils decay quickly when exposed to air and heat, but unlike meat they oxidize when exposed to light. Plants and trees do an excellent job protecting the oil in seeds and nuts from light and air by producing a hard outer shell. Equal care must be taken during extraction, shipping and storing, protecting the essential fatty acids from converting into trans-fats.

What you will be looking for is oils that are organic, cold pressed without chemicals, sold in a dark bottle, and refrigerated or in the freezer. Other than olive oil, when I mention any edible oil you can assume these rules of processing and storing apply. I clarify this because most edible oils we are accustomed to seeing on the grocery shelf have undergone a great deal of processing and are stored at room temperature in a clear bottle. Avoid these oils as you would poison because that is precisely what they are to the cells of your body.

Nut and seed oils must never be used for cooking or baking. Store them in your refrigerator and use within six weeks after opening. Our family makes enough salad dressing, with equal parts oil and cider vinegar, for about four weeks. The mixed dressing is refrigerated in a lidded porcelain flask.

Ten years ago I could only find cold-pressed oils in health stores, but today they are available in just about any grocer, in the health section. Nonetheless, if you are used to purchasing a family-size jug of corn oil for $2.49 to deep fry your thanksgiving turkey, you’re in for a surprise. A small bottle of flax or hemp oil can cost about $8.00, but worth every penny. Skimp on quality when it comes to clothes, shoes or haircuts, but if you care about your health more than fashion, never skimp on oil food. The one thing that never goes out of fashion is radiant health, and besides, your clothes will fit better.

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