Profile Of The Most Nutritious Protein

By: Ron Lagerquist

Consuming clean-burning protein is a critical part of moving toward constructing the perfect diet. Of the three macronutrients, protein foods make up much of our toxic intake. Eating from clean sources of protein is a vital component to long-term, disease-free health. The closer a protein food fits to the below profile, the higher the quality. 

Clean Burning

  • excess protein burns dirty, therefore meals within the 10 to 20 percent protein range are best
  • plant protein is lower on the food chain, resulting in less concentration of toxins
  • naturally raised without use of growth hormones, drugs or animal byproducts in feed

Fiber (In plant-based protein or eat veggies with your meat)

  • maintains a clean colon
  • reduces transit time of stool to avoid putrefaction
  • protects from constipation

Low in Saturated Fat

  • reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure


  • assists in fighting the onset of cancer
  • reduces aging
  • detoxifies

Environmentally Friendly

  • feel good about what you are eating
  • supports better business practices
  • good stewardship

Keep in mind that other than rocks and white sugar, all food contains protein. Fruit and many vegetables average 4 to 6 percent protein, and consequently are not considered good sources. Yet this vital part of your diet should not be discounted in your protein RDA. My morning fruit and evening vegetable salads provide about 10 to 15 grams of highly digestible protein. That is about 20 percent of my daily need, even before I start sprinkling on the raw nuts, seeds or tofu.

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