Profile Of The Most Nutritious Fats and Oils

By: Ron Lagerquist

Few people have a clear picture of the biological effects that different fats and oils have on human health. So here is a simple profile, six qualities to look for in all the fats and oils you eat.

Trans-Fat Free

  • protected from light, heat and oxidation
  • non-hydrogenated
  • raw and unprocessed

Essential fatty acids

  • balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

Low in Saturated Fat

  • unprocessed oils
  • animal fats in moderation

Monounsaturated Oils

  • helps lower LDL cholesterol without effecting HDL
  • stable for cooking


  • oil foods containing valuable oil-soluble micronutrients like raw seeds and nuts

Toxin Free

  • from fish that are fast growing and naturally raised in cold water
  • cold pressed olive oil is best
  • expelled without using solvents

Cooking oil requires different properties than oils for eating raw. Other than cooked fish, all healthy oil foods will have two very important distinctions: raw and fresh. Due to the delicate nature of oils, raw and fresh are not just preferable but essential to quality.  

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The oils page just confused me. I was looking for the best oils to use; such as olive oil, cannola oil, etc. There wasn't the name of any oil. The other pages were very informative though. Thank you.
Charlotta Meeker
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