Profile Of The Most Nutritious Carbohydrate

By: Ron Lagerquist

Here is a profile of the perfect carbohydrate. The greater the below five traits, the superior the quality of the carbohydrate. It's that simple!

Slow-releasing Fuel

  • naturally milled to increase digestive surface area
  • fiber to moderate digestion
  • amylose, a slower-releasing rice starch compared to amylopectine
  • combine with other foods for slow absorption


  • maintains a healthy colon
  • a sign of less processing in the food


  • natural and unprocessed foods allow delicate trace nutrients to remain intact
  • unprocessed carbs are rich in vitamins and minerals

Low in Gluten

  • less mucus-forming
  • gluten is high on the common allergy list

Enzymes (present in raw fruit and veggies)

  • assist in digestion
  • easier on pancreas

I recommend that the majority of your diet consist of the richest, cleanest carbohydrates, with as many of the above components available. Eating from a variety of carbs is good health insurance. There are micronutrients unique to soy or specialized in cantaloupe, for example, that cannot be found in any other foods. Also variety relieves the boredom sometimes associated with healthy eating. 

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