Our Three Top Pick Juicers

By: Ron Lagerquist

"The best juicer is the one that actually gets used!"

During the last twenty years, I have juiced thousands of pounds of produce and tried just about every juicer on the market. A few have broken my heart, but most have just broken. 

A cheaply-made, poorly-designed juicer will end up at the back of your deepest cupboard. Your juicer should proudly sit in that prestigious place next to the coffee maker, where it will actually get used. For that to happen, it’s been my experience, the juicer had better work well, and it better be easy to clean.

Sometimes, you can get away with doing it on the cheap, but this is not true with a juicer. This little machine is expected to do a lot of labor, either spinning at a high RPM or by having the strength to chew through hard veggies. It must have a well-made motor, and tough materials on all the friction points, including the baskets, and augers. The difference between a good and bad juicer may be something as simple as the size of the rubber feet. 

Instead of offering you 100 choices, I have narrowed the selection to three of the finest juicers in their class. Even though all three pass the test of quality and design, each juicer is the top in its category.

FreedomYou's Winner For Versatility:
Samson Advanced

This amazing machine has taken juicing to a whole new level.  The Samson’s versatility comes from its unique, masticating, single-auger design, allowing you to juice everything, including wheat grass and greens.  You can also produce sorbets, applesauce, nut butter, and baby food.  With the added Oil Extractor, you can make fresh oil from flax, hemp, and many other seeds.  For $259, it beats the competition hands down. The Samson company is so invested in quality that they stand behind their juicers with a 15-year warranty. For more serious juicers, this is a machine that will produce the best-quality juice with the least amount of oxidation. More information or Buy Now

FreedomYou's  Winner For Usability:
Omega Big Mouth BMJ330

This juicer is all about speed of juicing and ease of use (including cleaning), and costs no more than $200, but still comes with an unheard-of 10-year warranty! The best juicer is the one you’re going to use. Even though I’m a hardcore juicer, I find myself reaching often for this juicer. Why? Its huge 3-inch hopper (the big hole where you drop in produce) means you do less work. Whole apples, three carrots at once, or a fat cucumber disappear into the Omega’s big mouth, and the juice gushes from the spigot. I can reduce a pile of veggies and fruit, and have the machine cleaned and counter wiped in 15 minutes. Amazing! Will juice greens but not as well as the Samson Advanced. Not recommended for juicing wheatgrass. More information or Buy Now 

FreedomYou's Winner For Affordability:  
CitriStar Citrus Juicer

The Tribest CitriStar Citrus Juicer has proven itself to be one of the best juicers for citrus fruits in its price range. As soon as you unpack this juicer you will be impressed by its sturdy construction. The powerful 85 watt motor, self-cleaning ream, and sloped juice collector insures the very best juice yield without that annoying clogging problem. I personally love the locking spout, eliminating juice from dripping all over your counter. After juicing, simply snap the spout in place, and in a few minutes come back and collect the last remaining juice. More information or Buy Now
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I'll have to agree... Nutribullet is the best. It takes the WHOLE fruit and turns it into juice. Nothing is wasted.
Peter J Shepherd
Nutrabullet is the best I've seen
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