By: Ron Lagerquist

“For greater energy, weight loss, mental clarity, reversed aging, disease resistance, emotional stability, and increased life expectancy.”

I have attempted the near impossible: to sort through reams of nutritional and biological data and incorporate only the most vital information into this Nutrition section. Idealist that I am, my hope is that I write with such inspirational prose that you cannot help but apply every word, resulting in a personal revolution of health. If you are ready for this, then we have a good fit. You should be warned there will be side effects: greater energy, weight loss, mental clarity, reversed aging, disease resistance, emotional stability, and increased life expectancy. You will also be inspired to take charge of your own health and deal with food addictions. 

This information is going to lead you to simple changes. But simple does not mean easy; for these changes to stick there must be an understanding of why you’re making them in the first place. For many, knowledge will still not be enough to make healthy changes stick. Speaking as one who has wrestled with addiction and compulsive behavior, I can tell you that the ability to establish change is a tricky emotional business. There are bigger roadblocks to health than lack of nutritional knowledge. We all have a pretty good idea of the changes that should be made to improve health, but often daily temptations cause us to backslide. Changes in our diet can bring us face to face with food addiction, compulsive behavior, lack of discipline, even feelings of emptiness and depression. Overcoming these powerful roadblocks is vital to success. So I also encourage you to read the information in the Overcoming Addiction Section of this site. 

Let’s begin with some great news. Your body is designed for vibrant health. The more I study the destructive nature of our North American lifestyle, the more amazed I am at how healthy we still are. Think of how hard we work at breaking the body down—years of stress, junk food, alcohol, insufficient sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating—and still the body refuses to quit. It takes a concentrated effort to repress the breath of life blazing in every human cell. The good news gets better. Even after years of damage, the body has the ability to detoxify, rejuvenate and heal. Nearly all damage is reversible and even small healthy changes will result in big dividends. It’s never too late. 

I want to stimulate excitement over the remarkable possibilities you are capable of achieving by making some simple choices. Your body is a living gift from God, as is the cornucopia of life-giving foods that surround us—living food for a living body, created by a living God. 

I want to encourage you to also take a look at The Steps To Freedom Series. This will provide nutritional information, and how to successfully overcome bad eating habits. Both are vital components to experiencing real life-long health and freedom. 

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