Mucus Clearing Diet

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Excess mucus can restrict transportation along the many pathways of the body, creating a feeding ground for viruses and pathogens.”

Bug the body enough and it’s going to react. The cold virus is a great example of a body being bugged—and boy, do you know it. A sore throat, puffy eyes, and loads and loads of mucus. Excessive mucus is a sure sign of a body in a state of agitation. Excess mucus is caused by toxins, pollutants, food additives and allergies, and is most commonly associated with the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract and the lymphatic system.

The main foods shown to cause excessive mucus are dairy and wheat products. Casein in milk and gluten in wheat require strong stomach acids for digestion. After digestion, many food particles are still too large to be used by the body. Partly-digested food particles start to putrefy and are coated with mucus to prevent further putrefaction while still in the intestine.

The wheat and dairy–rich makeup of the North American diet causes the body to react as if it is fighting a viral invasion. Morning is the time when we can feel its greatest effects: a foggy mind, bad breath, a stuffy nose, and dulled senses. The answer is a mug of strong coffee to kick-start the system so that we can face the demands of the day.

The human body is an incredibly complex transportation system, moving fluids through miles of tubes and membrane highways. The circulatory system is 60,000 miles long; kidneys alone contain 500 miles of internal plumbing. Each time you breathe, 300 billion capillaries in the lungs wait to absorb life-giving oxygen. Excess mucus can restrict transportation along the many pathways of the body, creating a feeding ground for viruses and pathogens.

Imagine for a moment you are a tiny antibody. Antibody X has been given a mission to seek and destroy Microbe Z, who is a bacterial bad guy responsible for a nasty cold. Agent X is moving to intercept Microbe Z before he does greater damage to the host. Traveling through the lymph, he finds himself in a traffic jam of mucus, while from above he’s ambushed by two million bacterial bad guys. The last thought in Agent X’s mind before he dies is that, in spite of his perfect conditioning, nothing had prepared him to deal with this thick, sticky mucus.

The Digestive System

Your digestive system is basically a very efficient juice machine. The liquefying process of food begins in the mouth through the action of chewing and the activity of the enzymes in your saliva. Then powerful stomach acids further break down food until healthy bacteria in the colon finish the job. The intestinal wall contains more than four million microvilli. Their job is the absorption of liquefied nutrients. Eighty percent of all absorption takes place in the small intestine. As fluid is removed through the microvilli, residue mucus mixes with fibreless white flour producing a glue-like buildup and depositing a black coating within the folds of the intestinal wall. Layer after layer of gluey feces builds up over years, forming a tough, rubbery, black substance which coats the corners of the intestinal tract. X-ray studies show that the accumulation of hardened feces badly deforms the intestines. Autopsies have shown that an average male has seven to nine pounds of hardened feces within his intestine. This obstruction causes constipation and a reduction in the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall, and is a breeding ground for parasites. The U.S. Health & Human Services admitted that over 90% of Americans are walking around with partly clogged colons. Your health is totally dependent on a healthy colon.

Clean Running Body

Raw fruits and vegetables are fabulous mucus-cleansers. They help the body remove mucus and toxins, supplying vital nutrients in the correct balance for rejuvenation and healing. Since early childhood I was cursed with severe constipation and hemorrhoids; bowel movements were painful and difficult. After 30 years of suffering, I finally changed my diet from hot dogs to mostly raw food. To my surprise and relief, the men's room no longer holds its former dread.

As a child I had a plentiful supply of allergies accompanied with persistent asthma. The solution? A weekly needle pumped into my arm to help control the suffocating feeling during a bad asthma attack (to this day I have no idea what they were injecting into my body). Was there a natural alternative? Just a few days into my first juice fast I noticed that my breathing became deeper and easier. This sensation increased and climaxed on day 21. I will never forget the feeling; it was during the early morning drive to work. My ears cleared, my sinuses opened, and I felt like I was breathing from the back of my head. There is no arguing such a dramatic experience; it felt like a tight fist had been removed from my chest. In the fourteen years that have followed, I have never had one asthma attack, and it is only when I fall off the wagon that my body quickly reminds me why I climbed on in the first place.

Highly modified food has become a large percentage of what North Americans use for the building blocks of human flesh, producing a weakened immune system, an overabundance of mucus, and disrupted homeostasis. Replace the harmful elements in your diet with cleansing, healing foods and a wonderful metamorphosis will occur. After three days you will begin to notice a change. Within weeks the transformation can be quite remarkable. But it takes two to three years before the full benefit can be enjoyed, as new strong cells replace older ones, built with quality raw materials derived from a healthy diet.

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