Intelligent Design vs Unguided Evolution

By: Ron Lagerquist

"Is the vitamin C in your glass of orange juice a work of genius or accident?"

Intelligent Design vs Unguided Evolution Is the universe a masterpiece of thoughtful design or rubble from a cosmic explosion? Is the vitamin C in your glass of orange juice a work of genius or accident? More importantly, does the morning mirror reflect creation or catastrophe? Created vs. evolved, how important is the debate? Answering this is fundamental to self-awareness. And the way we see ourselves is at the very root of how we grind out everyday life.

Current psychology appears not to understand this, yet ask an adult orphan why they seek insight into their parentage. It is a simple desire to answer the deeper questions about themselves. The discussion of created vs. evolved has far greater reach than our biological ancestry. It is humanity’s first question, excavating down into the very foundation of personal identity and world view. It frames how we see the relationship between nutrition and human health, even how to approach biology and sociology.

On a personal note, the 16 years hard work that has been poured into Freedomyou finds its inspiration in creation’s story. In fact it is the very basis of all we do here, without which I have wasted my days on self-dilution and should be pitied as a fool.

Nutrition and the workings of the human body read as clearly as the Word of God to me, revealing “God's invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature”, Romans 1:20. Ironically, even though the source of my research is derived from those who do not have my faith, their findings fit perfectly with the Genesis story. The evidence points to one conclusion.

Design vs. Accident

When I hear of a new health wonder uncovered in fruit, seed or vegetable I am saddened to think that there is a high probability the larger message was lost by the very one who discovered it. Sure, all the biological information is methodically laid out but the simple story is lost.

Listen to the message written in a tiny red berry. Aside from being a colorful and tasty garnish to Thanksgiving dinner, the cranberry conveniently produces a powerful antioxidant called Proanthocyanidins. These antioxidants scavenge damaging particles in the human body known as free radicals. (Free radicals can alter cell membranes, tamper with DNA, and even cause cell death.) Proanthocyanidins are also able to prevent microorganisms from causing infections in the body. Understand; these are perfectly shaped microscopic keys that fit a very specific human health need. Why would a cranberry evolve a powerful antioxidant that benefits human beings? The evolutionist is forced to ask, “How does protecting human health further the survival of the cranberry?” Of course it does not. Therefore the precise biological relationship between the cranberry and the human body is not an evolutionary survival mechanism, it must be something else.

Intelligent Design vs Unguided Evolution If this precise key produced within the cranberry is simply accidental then why not apply that same argument to something far less complex like Stonehenge? We could say Stonehenge was just a strange geological accident resulting in an interesting circle of rock aberrations. But of course geologists do not believe that because Stonehenge exhibits design and not a geological accident.

There are countless examples like the cranberry all over nature and are being discovered almost daily and yet the simple question of why is not being asked, therefore the larger message is being lost. 

Ironically, the larger message was written by a Creator who knew that in these last days, when hearts grew cold with unbelief, surly the message could not be misread. That tiny antioxidant in your cranberry sauce is there because I am a loving CreatorI am the God of Health and Order. Little love letters hidden all over creation uncovered in these last days so we cannot get it wrong in spite of intellectual pride.

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Wow, love that connection you made between food and our health needs being met. That it serves no evolutionary purpose for the food to have evolved attributes that only benefit humans... I've never looked at it like that before.
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