In-Church Fasting Seminars

We offer comprehensive fasting and health workshops that will not only educate your Church but provide a great opportunity to reach into your community.

Freedomyou receives an average of 200,000 visits a month, the majority are Christians.  Two themes dominate the letters we receive: a longing for deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ and desire for personal freedom.  Many are broken, discouraged and addicted and they do not know the way out.   Over the last five years we have received e-mails from pastors requesting seminars in their churches; the push of God could no longer be ignored.  We have opened a door to churches who desire balanced teaching on fasting, health, breaking food addictions and deepening their intimacy with God.  This would involve a weekend seminar consisting of three two hour workshops on Saturday and the Sunday morning service.

Workshop Topics

  • Does God care about your health?

  • Fasting and the body.

  • Detoxification and healing.

  • Practical method’s of fasting safely.

  • An honest look at our common American diet.

  • Fasting and the spirit.

  • Rebuilding intimacy.

  • Overcoming food addictions.

  • Living autonomously in a pervasive world.

Seminar Goals

  1. Provide practical Christ centered health and nutrition information:  Much of the sickness Christian’s experience is a byproduct of the standard North American diet.  The Church teaches abstinence from drinking, smoking and drugs but it has been our experience that as an alternative, Christians often turn to less stigmatized forms of addiction resulting in obesity and ill health. When Christians learn to apply their God-given self-control they will be the most vibrant people on earth, exhibiting life and freedom to a dying world. 

  2. Set the captives free:  We have found many Christians are in desperate bondage to food addictions and eating disorders.  They simply are incapable of making good choices, hitting an emotional and spiritual brick wall every time they try to make healthy changes. They are too embarrassed to seek help and so, suffer in silence.  We firmly believe that the power of Jesus Christ can break any bondage. Biblically based teaching is provided on how to walk in freedom followed by an invitation for people to come forward and receive prayer. We ask that the spiritual leaders of the Church be involved with this call, prepared in prayer to minister the power of the Holy Spirit to those in need.  By way of follow-up, the Freedomyou website provides a free library of information expanding on all topics dealt with during the sessions. 

  3. Balanced teaching on how to safely fast: Today, there is an abundance of information confirming fasting’s genius to cleanse and detoxify the body from years of unhealthy eating, boosting both the immune system and the body’s natural defenses from disease.  Detoxification of the body is a tangible parallel of what is occurring spiritually during a fast. The body is cleansed from the by-products of a destructive diet while the spirit is cleansed from useless fleshy habits and addictions resulting in closer fellowship with God.  We will discuss water and juice fasting, helping avoid the pitfalls many associate with their first fasting experience. This will include information about how to prepare and end a fast correctly. 

  4. Effective bridge ministry to your local community:  The modern church is in a battle to find a balance between being relevant to a lost word while not compromising the truth of God’s Word.  One of the reasons the New Age Movement has been able to sell their deceptive message is it has packaged within it relevant information on preventive health.  Everyone wants better health.  The success of the New Age Movement has been their efficacy to fill a vacuum left by the Church’s ineffectiveness to fulfill the whole ministry of Christ. Offering a free health seminar will bring people into the walls of your church who would otherwise not come.  And the transition from teaching physical health to spiritual health is almost seamless.  After all, the antioxidants in a cantaloupe were purposely created by the same God who lovingly sent His Son. 

More Then Just a Fasting Seminar

You may ask: do we not fast for the sole purpose of drawing closer to God?  Sounds spiritual, but I think the Church often forgets that the ministry of Christ is to the whole person.  Jesus touches all forms of infirmity: sick body with the hands of a Healer, wounded soul with words of freedom, and barren spirit with Living Waters of life.  All made new on every level of human need.   The toxic list the body and spirit must now confront today is overwhelming.  Pollutants in food, air and water are obvious.  Busyness, media and addiction are less obvious but no less toxic to our relationship with Christ. 

We start with talking about the physical aspects of fasting for good reason.  Not to give undo emphasis but right at the outset, I want to clear up most people’s nasty first impressions that fasting is somehow bad or dangerous.  In fact, it is quit the reverse.  The workshops are filled with practical information, from weight loss, nutrition, how to prepare fresh juice, to intersession, knowing your God given authority, and finally, maintaining intimacy with God.  We desire to pattern our ministry after Jesus, speaking to the whole needs of man.

The Cost to Your Church

  • Seminar is on an honorarium bases, there will be no admission charge.

  • Church will provide return flight to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport. 

  • Church will provide Friday and Saturday night sleeping accommodations.

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"It was our good fortune to host Ron  Lagerquist at our church for a seminar on fasting. It was wonderful! Everyone who attended the seminar said that it was one of the most important days they had ever spent in their Christian life. So much good material was taught.  Ron was very helpful because he taught from his real life experience he learned through his times of fasting. It was not an academic exercise but a precious time to learn how to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I wholeheartedly recommend his information and ministry."

~Dr. Robert A. Rohm Ph.D.


"Ron came to our church to teach a Saturday seminar on fasting and preach for our Sunday service.  It was amazing, our people received much needed understanding on fasting, nutrition and were also greatly impacted spiritually.  Ron is not only educated but anointed.  This ministry is needed in every church."

~Pastors Isaac and Alison Crawford
in Marietta, GA  USA


"You have been a great help. My husband is a pastor and has fasted numerous times.  This is the first juice fast and he has an abundance of energy.  Our church is going on a juice fast.  You have been a blessing to the body of Christ.  Thanks."

~Pastor Carla B, of Empowering Lives Church, Houston, Texas

"What a blessing and I thank God moving through your life to draw people in much closer relationships to Him."

 ~Annette of South Africa

"I am fasting for the first time.  My pastor sent our church body your website and I was so happy to have so much in depth information both physically and spiritually in one place."


"We want to thank you for your website! We are 4 businessmen in South Africa that is directly and indirectly involved with the Happy Hearts Ministries who went on a 40 day juice fast.  It was one of the most amazing experiences we ever had! We want to praise God for your site and the wisdom and insight that he have given you."

~Benjie du Preez of Happy Hearts Ministries


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