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Steps To Freedom Program (4 books)
Print Book Price: $53.00
Digital E-Book Price: $30.98
  • By Ron Lagerquist
  • $14 savings!
  • Fasting To Freedom
  • North American Diet
  • Foundation To All Freedom
  • Whole Foods & Healing Recipes
There is far more to becoming free from an unhealthy lifestyle then just learning how to eat better. If only it were that simple. What diet programs do not talk about is how to become free from emotional dependence on food. The Steps To Freedom Program is designed, not only to provide the best nutritional education, but also to equip you for the challenging step by step spiritual journey toward lifelong freedom, leaving that old, addictive lifestyle far behind forever. Freedom never tasted so good!
Fasting To Freedom (Revised Edition)
Print Book Price: $17.00
Digital E-Book Price: $9.95
  • by Ron Lagerquist
  • everything you need to know to fast safely
  • detoxification, healing, colon cleansing
  • spiritual renewal, self-control, deepened contentment
  • refreshed relationship with God.
  • how to prepare and safely end a fast
  • overcome emotional battles familiar with fasting
  • delicious fresh juice recipes
  • many encouraging fasting testimonies
  • 266 pgs. soft cover
Whole Foods & Healing Recipes
Print Book Price: $18.00
Digital E-Book Price: $11.49
  • by Ron Lagerquist
  • Complete guide to natural, delicious recipes
  • learn how to pick ripe fruit
  • delicious butter replacers and healthy vegetable soups
  • discover natural sweeteners
  • omega 3 and 6 salad dressings
  • super tasty avocado dips
  • dozens of rare raw food recipes
  • herb and spice guide
  • how to furnish your new health conscious kitchen
  • 290 pgs. soft cover
North American Diet
Print Book Price: $15.00
Digital E-Book Price: $11.49
  • By Ron Lagerquist
  • What not to eat and why
  • what is making you sick
  • stop premature aging
  • toxic free diet
  • see food from a cellular level
  • the danger of hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids
  • shocking information on processed foods
  • 134 pgs. soft cover
Foundation To All Freedom
Print Book Price: $17.00
Digital E-Book Price: $11.49
  • by Ron Lagerquist
  • awaken from spiritual paralysis
  • gain control over your thinking
  • examining the media message
  • break old patterns, hopelessness and depression
  • re-establishing meaningful living
  • fulfill the heart-dream you were born with
  • learn the secret of developing spiritual self-discipline
  • 182 pgs. soft cover
The Know-It-All Health Nut
Digital E-Book Price: $11.49
  • by Ron Lagerquist
  • Permanent weight loss
  • Reverse aging. Seriously!
  • Choosing the best fats, carbs and protein foods
  • Strategic grocery shopping
  • What do my cells really need
  • How to make the hard changes
  • A fun and easy read
  • 229 pages
The Know-It-All Health Nut was written out of a mix of research and personal lessons learned while journeying from sickness to health. I believe it will be the most informative, honest and inspirational book you will ever read on how to make the hard choices so you can achieve a lifetime of vitality.
Samson Advanced Chrome Juicer
Price: $299.00
FREE Steps To Freedom 4 E-Book Series with juicer purchase. A $30 Value! Immediate download.
  • Masticating, patented single rotating gear
  • 1.5 HP Squeezing Power
  • 1/3-HP, Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Motor Speed: 1750 RPM Auger Speed: 80 RPM
  • Dimensions 15" L x 12" W x 7" H
  • 15 Year Warranty
The Samson Advanced Chrome Juicer does so much more than produce the finest juice in the world. Baby food, frozen smoothies, nut butter, pasta, minced produce, wheat grass, and, with the added oil extractor attachment, it is able to harvest fresh oil from seeds like flax. Due to the slow 80-RPM masticating action of the GE-Ultem™ hard auger, this juicer reduces the amount of oxidation, resulting in a higher enzyme yield compared to centrifugal-type juicers. The auger uses a press-like action, squeezing more of the colors from the fibers of produce, and this is especially true when it comes to hard greens like kale or wheat grass. More color means increased antioxidants in your juice.

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your fasting book mentions that tranquilizers dont cause physical dependence, not true, antipsychotic withdrawal can involve very extreme withdrawal symptoms, especialy if done too quickly even if the person doesnt have major mental illness., there is alot of imfo online confirming this. It is extremely irrisponsibe to say otherwise and shows that you have not done enough research. thanks
justin pudney
thanks for all the work and ministry you have done and shared with others. I have been and continue to be blessed by your site. I am on my journey, long time coming but its never too late to be successful. the devil is a liar, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Wow! Thank you and may God bless you for doing this research. It is good and important to know what one does and should expect during fasting, and to be encouraged to go further in the mist of the physical body reactions. Thank God that Jesus showed us that its possible, and centuries down the line show research shows that its possible. God bless you, and may Christ be centered in everything you do. God bless you.
What great informative information. I don't know how to stop eating meat. I have always needed meat to feel full or have any energy. Sugar is my other addition. Wow how I hated to hear the truth! I must be calcium deficient. I have all the symptoms and have had them for years. I thank God for you and your web site.
e williams
What a pleasure it is to have found your books! I am absolutely enjoying the connection you have placed on the masterpiece within each of us and the Spirit with which connects us to our Loving Creator. Thank you for this excellent writing!
Sue Ann
I have read the first two books and am about 1/3 done with the third. What wonderful information. And it’s written to where even I can understand it. I made fried chicken strips and fried French fries last night for dinner. I took a few bites and just could not go on. All I could do was think of what it was doing to me. This morning my husband and I both had our first glass of fresh apple juice. They both tasted so good and alive. Not only a sight for poor eyes, but also a feast for the senses! I just want to thank you all for these books.
Your books have been a blessing and a curse for me as it has made me aware of everything I am doing to keep my body sick. Thank you, your work is a blessing.
Dear Mr. Lagerquist, despite not being a religious person per se, I wanted to write and state that I enjoyed your books and appreciate the information you have published. These facts about food are worth their own apostolic movement in your books and I teach these things daily in my job as a registered nurse.
Martin RN
I just finished 3 day water fast. I just purchased your Whole Foods & Healing Recipes e-book. Great stuff! Thank you.
I had bought all your e-books. I'm now devouring those and they are really changing my perspectives about so many things. Thank you, Ron, for your passionate and inspired writing. I'm particularly enjoying "Foundation to All Freedom". I've been in bondage to compulsive overeating and a North American diet for many years. I did want to tell you a few benefits I've already been experiencing during my fast. My sinuses are starting to feel so clean and clear! I've lost about 5 lbs. so far, and I know more will melt off as I go. I'm starting to feel more energy too. I've never been so hopeful about regaining my health and wholeness. Thank you for being willing to be a servant for the Lord. Your website, as well as both your testimonies, has really encouraged me.
I purchased all 4 of your books online and the Foundation to All Freedom has blessed my soul tremendously it is also a good witnessing tool.
I decided to do some research and God led me to Freedomyou. It changed my life forever. I gave my book away and I tell everyone I can about this site. I know that God birthed and ordained your ministry and thank God for it. With much appreciation.
I have read your book “Fasting to Freedom”. I could not put it down. I devoured every word and began to feel like I had made some sort of contact with a person that I could relate to
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