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Superior Skin Care
Radiant healthy, skin and powerful anti-aging products, created from the doctors who invented Proactiv. Also a superior business model.

Organic Garden Cafe
Offering a variety of exotic dishes and vegetarian favorites, as well as wraps & salads, Organic Wine, Beer, Sake and a full juice bar with great smoothies. All made from Organic Food Restaurant and Online Shopping Site - Offering a variety of exotic dishes and vegetarian scratch with fresh organic vegetarian ingredients
The largest community on the internet dedicated to teach about living food. 
Lots of info on fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Retreats Online
A list of fasting retreats.

Paul Bragg 
Pioneer of the health industry, fasting and raw food diets for healing.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass 
A doctor who specializes in fasting.

Dr. Fuhrman
Has a BB and answers questions.
Jay Cordish. (The Juice Man) Recipes, chat line,.....
A Christian raw food web site.

Pathway to Perfect Health  
Lots of info on the beneficial properties of Barley Green. We sell AIM Barleygreen and other world famous AIM products BELOW wholesale.  We also pay your sales tax and shipping! 
The  one-stop-shop for all your wheat grass and barley grass needs.  Grow and juice your own wheat grass and barley grass for only pennies a day! 

Buy Rare Fasting Books
Dr Ehret, Shelton, Carrington etc.

Water Cure
Amazing testimonies of health through drinking more water.

Hallelujah Acres
Teaching health from a biblical perspective. Retreat, nutrition certificate.
Everything you ever wanted to know about bananas.
Scripps Drug Rehabilitation
Scripps McDonald Center is a nationally recognized
organization dedicated to drug rehabilitation.  
Health directory and fitness resource.
Christian Accounting

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