Fasting Tips

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fasting TipsThe following are six very practical fasting tips that will assist you in fasting with the least number of distractions. They come from a resource of personal experience from those who fast often and have been forced to learn the hard way to find the smoothest path into the sometimes difficult personal terrain of fasting. During a fast, focus is critical. You will become painfully aware of how nosy, chaotic and cluttered your world has become. This is because fasting will force you to slow down. Vacations allow us to leave our busy life for a while and escape to a quieter landscape. Fasting is quite the opposite, instead of an escape, you will come face to face with your life in a new way. It can be overwhelming, even unmanageable when all the years of useless pursuits flash before you, demanding focus and attention.

Here are six fasting tips which will help manage the chaos and find victory and power over your life again. (Click on links)

  1. Don’t Tell People
  2. Turn Off The TV And Phone
  3. Avoid  Needless Temptation
  4. Be Quiet And Get Enough Sleep
  5. Meditate
  6. Get Alone With God
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This is so wounderfull and helpfull and i willapply it on my life
mpho kgotladintsi
This is so helpful... I have the THREE FOLD NATURE OF MAN and I can say that everything makes so much sence!You hear the word or read the word.. it goes in to your mind(memory) when you meditate it awakens the Spririt of God In you..It then flows back into your Soul and you become a transform being!!! that is so powerful! thanks So Much
Esther Nxumalo
I found this very helpfull and have much more understanding.
Elisa Bouwer
i found this was helpful and very good info and i hope this will help me during the fast
Insightful, I especially agree with the part about meditation, my grandmother reads the bible and hardly ever meditates on it. she says prayers all day but does not seem moved by the living word, I think she looks down on me as a fanatic, but I say that perhaps she should try being a fanatic for Christ. Thank you for your inspiring words
James Date
Crisp and nice to the point
Thank You :D
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