By: Ron Lagerquist

It is the goal of Freedomyou Fasting Center to provide the necessary tools that you need to effectively fast. Whether water fasting or juice fasting, the physical reactions of fasting are laid out so there are no unpleasant surprises. Important questions will be answered like, will you become protein deficient during the fast, or is it safe to fast 30 days on juices for my first fast?" 

We go into detail about both the physical and spiritual dynamics of fasting. How does fasting affect you on the inside where your decision making, goals and dreams lie? And why does fasting have such impact on our relationship with God, deepening prayer and strengthening intercession? 

Throughout the ages hungry hearts have been drawn to the ancient door of fasting. Although differing in language, beliefs and culture, fasters all have one thing in common—a desire to change something deep within themselves.

Today, we now have available an abundance of information confirming fasting’s genius to cleanse and detoxify the body from years of unhealthy eating, boosting both the immune system and the body’s natural defenses from disease. Detoxification of the body is a tangible parallel of what is occurring spiritually during fasting. The body is cleansed from the by-products of a destructive diet while the spirit is cleansed from useless fleshy habits and addictions. 

The beauty of fasting is its ability to exact powerful metamorphosis in a short period of time. Imagine if you were forced to remove all life’s little props, the coffees, pizzas, ball games, movies, Danishes. You are forced to quiet your life down to the few things that really matter. Within days, years of fat melt away, the mind calms, allowing deeper meditation and prayer. At first the pain of broken addictions is acute but short lived, usually ending in three days. As a weakened body releases its control over to the Spirit, peace and contentment replace a normally stressed and anxious state of mind. The rapidness of change on both body and spirit during fasting is a great encouragement to a soul weary of stagnation, serving as an excellent launching pad to total transformation that will last a lifetime. Just when you thought there was no hope, self-confidence is rebuilt. Fasting exercises a weary will, developing new independence to a world clamoring to control you’re every thought and action.

If you have decided to fast, get ready. This will be the journey of a lifetime. The deepest part of you, tired and neglected, rising to meet God. And in Him there is healing and freedom. 

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