Fasting: Day 12 – Ambushed by Fear

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

Again cut back on juice intake. Two glasses of Welsh’s grape juice, one glass of veggie juice and four grapefruits juiced. When I juice oranges, lemons and grapefruit, instead of pulling off the peel, I cut the outside layer of the skin thinly leaving as much of the white pith as possible. There are powerful flavonoids in the skin of citrus fruits. 

Sure enough, coffee is starting to taste like mud. Without even thinking about it, I have been leaving half of my morning coffee cold in the mug, the same with the afternoon. Sensitivity to any stimulant increases during a fast. After a few mouthfuls I can feel a physical agitation and uncomfortable pressure in my head, it feels dirty. Also, taste dramatically increases during a fast, as does all the five senses. Coffee starts taking on this muddy taste, leaving an unpleasant coating in the mouth. 

Spiritual Side

Today when I awoke instead of being ambushed by euphoria, as on day nine, fear greeted me in the morning hour. How can fear come after euphoria? You would think that during a fast, fear comes first, then a breakthrough, followed by euphoria, in nice chronological order, as pretty as you please. If only personal growth was that neat and tidy. 

This leads to an interesting question. Does fear formulate first within emotions or thoughts? I think the answer is, fear is able to ambush you both ways. Today is a good example. As the day continues it’s clear that this will be a heavy detox day. Detoxification is the perfect ecosystem for fear and negative thoughts to germinate in the mind. It’s time to go to work on my thinking.

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Coffee has been an ongoing struggle for me. I will be writing about how I finally quit coffee. It was a real challenge. If you are fasting and am a coffee drinker I suggest going off it very gradually.
Ron Lagerquist
Why did you drink coffee while fasting. Is that ok?
Joscelyn Jones
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