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"I just got done reading the first book, "Fasting to Freedom," and it is absolutely wonderful. I know that Jesus sent me to your web site, because I have earnestly desired to fast for some time but never even had a clue how to go about it. I can't tell you how excited I got when I realized you were a Christian and that you promoted the Lord even more than the fast. That made it a must read for me! God bless you for your testimony, and for giving your brothers and sisters hope in a world full of despair. I can't wait to purchase more books for loved ones."


"What a pleasure it is to have found your books! I am absolutely enjoying the connection you have placed on the masterpiece within each of us and the Spirit with which connects us to our Loving Creator. Thank you for this excellent writing!"

-Sue Ann

"I have read the first two books and am about 1/3 done with the third. What wonderful information. And it’s written to where even I can understand it. I made fried chicken strips and fried French fries last night for dinner. I took a few bites and just could not go on. All I could do was think of what it was doing to me. This morning my husband and I both had our first glass of fresh apple juice. They both tasted so good and alive. Not only a sight for poor eyes, but also a feast for the senses! I just want to thank you all for these books."


"Hi Guys, great Fasting to Freedom book! I am on my first time ever, day two juice fast. I appreciate the Spiritual side of the book so much as it came at the perfect time. Thank you for giving of yourself."


"Ron, your books have been a blessing and a curse for me as it has made me aware of everything I am doing to keep my body sick. Thank you, your work is a blessing."


"I thank you for the resource you have been to me in this season of my life. I have read all three of your books, and most of the recipe book as well, excited for the day that I will eat again, taking on the challenge of a new diet with the excited expectation of my health being continually renewed and strengthened! Blessings!"


"Dear Mr. Lagerquist, despite not being a religious person per se, I wanted to write and state that I enjoyed your books and appreciate the information you have published. These facts about food are worth their own apostolic movement in your books and I teach these things daily in my job as a registered nurse."

-Martin RN

"Dear Ron, I can't begin to tell you how much your site has meant to me. I have purchased a few of your books and have absolutely loved them. I will be reading them for support during my 3 day water fast. I have never been a very religious person, so I am interested in fasting primarily for health reasons. I am addicted to every type of bad food you can think of; coffee, fat, dairy, salt, sweets, and so on. There has been no end to my indulgences over the years. You are both inspirations to me. Thank you, again, for the wonderful information you have provided in your site."


"Hey Ron! I want to thank you one more time for the resource your website and books have been to me. Today was my fourteenth day of fasting... the last forty days has been the spiritually richest days of my life! Not only have I experienced a deeper walk with Christ, but have seen amazing recovery in my physical body. A great exchange of my weakness for His strength. I am excited to press on from this day, going even deeper with Him and seeing further recovery and strengthening of my physical body as I have chosen a vegan diet to sustain me from this day forward. A year ago I could barely walk one hundred meters with the assistance of a walker. Prior to fasting, I doubt I could have gone much further than that. Today, my final day of fasting, I walked the entire four hundred meter distance around the local track and field stadium with my walker, from starting line to finish. My eyes will remain fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith until His work of restoration in my body is complete. Thank you for sowing your knowledge, experience, time, and care for the benefit of others! God bless you."


"Hello I just finished 3 day water fast. I just purchased your Whole Foods & Healing Recipes e-book. Great stuff! Thank you."


"Hi, Ron, back a few years ago, I had bought all your e-books. I'm now devouring those and they are really changing my perspectives about so many things. Thank you, Ron, for your passionate and inspired writing. I'm particularly enjoying "Foundation to All Freedom". I've been in bondage to compulsive overeating and a North American diet for many years. I did want to tell you a few benefits I've already been experiencing during my fast. My sinuses are starting to feel so clean and clear! I've lost about 5 lbs. so far, and I know more will melt off as I go. I'm starting to feel more energy too. I've never been so hopeful about regaining my health and wholeness. Thank you for being willing to be a servant for the Lord. Your website, as well as both your testimonies, has really encouraged me."


"I purchased all 4 of your books online and the Foundation to All Freedom has blessed my soul tremendously it is also a good witnessing tool."


"Hello Ron, thank you again for your books! I've almost read through them all at this point. Informative, easy to real and encouraging."


"I decided to do some research and God led me to Freedomyou. It changed my life forever. I gave my book away and I tell everyone I can about this site. I know that God birthed and ordained your ministry and thank God for it. 
With much appreciation."

-Patty of Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I just want to thank you for the information that you make available to us. I've read all of the books and it has changed my life. It really blessed me! I just got off a 15 day juice and water fast. I lost 34 pounds and I feel great. Thank you for all of your help so far, it's been a blessing to my family and my life!"

- Andrew

"I just wanted to let you know that God has used your fasting book to bless me and draw me near to himself by calling me to a 21 day fast. I am excited about embarking on this journey, yet it is very important for me to feel that my focus is not merely on abstaining from food but rather on fasting unto the Lord." 

- Sara

"That was very prompt service. Your books came today and I have read halfway through "Fasting To Freedom." It's really a marvelous book, quite down to earth terminology and common sense. I've cut out many, many unhealthy foods from my body. Never was a "fast food" junkie. Just didn't realize I was putting so much other junk in my body -- coffee, dairy products, fats, and have been drinking 60-ounces (or more) distilled water a day most every day. I have been amazed at the difference in my skin, nails, hair. Never really had a weight problem more than 10 pounds here and there over the years. Just thought you might like hearing this. I'm sure you've heard some pretty amazing things. May He continue to pour out His Blessings on you."

- Montine

"I have read your book “Fasting to Freedom”. I could not put it down. I devoured every word and began to feel like I had made some sort of contact with a person that I could relate to."

- Brent

"I ordered "Foundation to All Freedom". First and foremost, thank you for your spiritual information. Thank you again for addressing the spiritual as well as the physical standpoint concerning gluttony that so much of the Church is in bondage to. Even in this, however, I praise God because I know He is my only hope. Bless you, brother."

- Janelle

"Sometime ago I purchased the Steps to freedom series. I sincerely appreciate your work. I was truly blessed and motivated when I read your book. God has blessed you with so much wisdom. I remember reading and telling myself "this man is blessed with rare wisdom, not just knowledge alone." I also appreciate your style of writing and the use of examples and illustrations. God bless you richly. Thank you for sharing your testimony in the book and the prayer for deliverance too. I would appreciate it greatly if you remember me in your prayers."

- Obichukwu

"First, I wanted to let you know that your books are making a huge difference in my walk with God. I could go on and on, but it all probably boils down to two things: First, your books exposed my hedonistic addictions to food. I have a high metabolism and used to consume massive quantities of junk food without significantly affecting my weight. I thought I was health conscious and exercised and periodically curbed my consumption of junk food to stay in "good shape" and cover up my dependence on it. But when I was bored, frustrated, depressed, anxious or stressed, I would turn to food for stability. Even before your books caused me to look inside, I was beginning to hate the hours after a sugar high and knew that something was not normal. After reading your books, I was intensely convicted of my addictions. I was also fascinated by your artistic descriptions of living in a body that functions as God intended, and the array of food God designed for us. I knew that my addictions were robbing me of the vitality that God intended for me to experience. Second, after eating just raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts for a week, I experienced a clarity of thinking like never before. I needed less sleep. I could feel the familiar detox symptoms (very similar to when I had tried fasting in the past) The two weeks after that were downright awful most of the time, with detox crises, and horrible discovery after discovery of what happens when one eats junk food after switching over to a largely raw and fresh diet. A few fasts and several enemas later, I've finally come to a place where I have more energy than ever before. I need far less sleep and I feel far more rested after going to bed. When I pray or meditate, I am able to concentrate and focus, with fewer internal distractions coming from a sugar frenzied mind. It seems like God has an easier time speaking to me when I am not on a sugar high or low as well. I can honestly say that I have never felt so healthy in my life. Every aspect of my life, especially my walk with God has benefited."


"I recently stumbled onto your site and purchased Fasting to Freedom. I enjoyed the book so much I purchased all 4 of them. I just finished Foundation to Freedom. You really spoke to me, your writing is so lovely and motivating. I'm a compulsive overeater seeking a spiritual resolution. I have always envisioned this disease as a terrible black monster---your use of the "black octopus" brought me to tears. Your discussion of forgiveness being a necessary component of recovery really hit home with me as well. Your books have had a great impact on me, I can't wait to read the next two, but I want to read the first two over and over. I hope to embark on my first juice fast soon. You are doing God's work, thank you so much for using your gifts! Do you ever have speaking engagements in the states? I'd love to attend." 

- Sue

"Fasting To Freedom has helped me on two long juice fasts. I completed a 60 day fast and have lost 85 lbs. over the last year. The most important part is I have been able to share the idea of shorter juice fasts with the members of my church and it has helped many of them to begin fasting and begin to work up to water fasting as well. Thanks for pointing the way! Thanks, I got Fasting to Freedom E-Book. I'm loving what I read."

- Peggy

"I want to tell you that I felt the peaceful feeling of the Holy Ghost letting me know that the words I was reading in your book "Fasting to Freedom" were written by a man who in humility has received inspiration from Heavenly Father to be a witness of such a profound truth about fasting and cleansing the inner body and soul of man. Sorry, that was a long sentence but I wasn't sure how to word it. We are told that sharing what we have with those in need will never leave us without. I know the Lord will bless you for all the incredible work you are doing. How unselfish of you to put so much of your books on line. It is one of the reasons I kept reading your web site. I felt that if someone cared enough about people to give this information without trying to get me to buy a brand of herbs, multi-level business etc. then it was from the heart. I really feel uplifted and supported and want to be successful. I know you were a direct answer to my prayers, having read your book in one day. I feel so much more prepared for any of the unforeseen things that could possibly happen during this fast and transition period. To me, this feels like a sacred understanding of the spirit and body of man. I have always been drawn to this deep way of looking at life. Know that I am including my gratitude for you in my daily prayers and pray for your continued success and wellbeing."

- Jaci

"Looking for info on the web about fasting how-to's, I found your book through a non-Christian link and just kept reading! I began to learn more about natural medicines raw food, juices and the like while in college as my house mate was really into this stuff. Most of the fasting material I found on the web was steeped in spirituality and pretty nearly useless to me. Frustrating. Just goes to show you how the enemy has counterfeited God's plan for a fast. That being said, it was so much more encouraging to read some of your book and then find the testimonies. I started reading them to my husband on our way to work in the morning and we are both glad to be armed with some solid material. Thank you so much for sharing this truth with us. I know it is right. I now look forward to jump off the cliff and do this thing."


"I'm 35 years old. I came across your fasting book on the internet after my doctor had told me that I needed to go on a five day liquid diet. I had been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, and I had been told that unless I made some drastic changes that I would need to have part of my large intestine removed. My doctor's idea of a liquid diet was "nothing solid", so soups, milk shakes, etc. were all okay in his eyes. Having been told that I might need to have part of my intestines removed, I was scared and ready to do anything that I could to reverse my problem. I read your book nonstop until completion. I decided that the juice fast was my best chance of healing myself of this sickness. The next day, I bought a quality juicer and about $100.00 worth of produce. I'm not a fruit and vegetable kind of guy, so this wasn't exactly appealing. However, I started this juice fast exactly as it is outlined in your book. The first three days were a living hell. I have always had chronic sinus problems, and was also a caffeine addict. I quit taking my daily sinus/allergy medication when I started the fast in favor of the nutritional value in the produce. The first three days of the fast were filled with intense headaches and extreme irritability. I started on a Friday, so I was only at work for the first of the three days which was a good thing as I think I might have easily snatched up various employees, coworkers, and superiors by the throat during that time. Day four found the headaches and irritability nowhere in sight. Day 6 was met with incredible energy, extreme focus, and a complete lack of fear. This was so impressive to me that I continued the fast even though I had intended to stop at five days. This continued until about day 15 at which time the reality of my own "internal bankruptcy of resources" as you call it came into focus and I started to develop a relationship with God that had formerly been "on hold" so to speak. I continued this fast for 30 days. I was healed of my Diverticulitis, 30 pounds lighter, and had developed a deep "real" relationship with my creator. I had gained victory on several strongholds in my life that I had formerly decided I would just have to live with for the rest of my life. It transformed me in every way. Your book was an incredible tool and inspiration for me. Fasting is such an incredible tool for every Christian that I have decided to "live a fasted lifestyle" and your book gives me the knowledge to do that. Thank you so much for the knowledge and inspiration you have given me on fasting."


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