Fasting - Healed Of Ovarian Cancer

Fasting Testimony By Sammy Hoffard

“I embarked on a journey that I would have laughed at before my diagnosis.” 

A life of decadence and neglect, that was my life. For the first 34 years of my life I didn’t give any thought to what sorts of toxins and pollutants I surrounded myself with – or ate. Then I got a reality check.

I was diagnosed with cancer. Stage four ovarian cancer. Four distinct carcinomas visible without a microscope. And I found a resolve within that I didn’t know I had – a determination to see my children grow up. I signed a waiver with my doctor, which gave me six months to try alternative healing methods, knowing that I was taking a chance that the cancer would advance to the stage that she could no longer help me.

I embarked on a journey that I would have laughed at before my diagnosis.

She told me to start by boosting my immune system. An Internet search repeatedly came up with the word, “fasting”. Was that a joke? How could starving myself cure cancer?

First, I found a reputable website which not only taught members the proper and safe way to fast, it also offered ongoing support, encouragement and a means of having all my questions answered along the way. It also had a great leaning towards Christian spiritual matters, but at the time I paid no attention to that. I began with a five day juice fast, then later did a seven, ten, and a fifteen day fast: becoming more able to handle the detox symptoms, and familiarizing myself with the challenges which come with adopting a whole new system of nutrition. I learned exactly how the body begins to heal itself and how the very building blocks of the human body are actually restored and renewed through proper fasting and changes in lifestyle and outlook. My immune system was super-charging.

It was during my 10 day fast that I began to notice the changes. Skin cleared, small facial lines began to disappear, I felt strong and invigorated, my energy levels were high, and I felt positive and enthusiastic about life in general. I began paying attention to the spiritual aspects of the site, and with a renewal of my dedication to Christ came a release – the knowledge that God held me close.

My next biopsy appointment came and the doctor was astounded to report that there was now only one remaining cluster of cancer cells. I was not surprised. Fasting, prayer, love, and learning to relax had done its work. I did have surgery on April 27th, 2001 to remove all traces of cancer, and as of today I am still cancer free.

God willing – I will be here to see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And if by sharing my experience and my enthusiasm for adopting a healthy, God-conscious lifestyle, I can help one more person to believe and to achieve their own healing then perhaps I will be fulfilling God`s purpose for me.

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Surgery does not heal or prevent cancer, it just cuts it out.
Ron Lagerquist
This person cured their cancer via surgery.
Fasting, and a Ketogenic Diet, are drawing a lot of interest as potential ways to push back against cancer.
About 6 months ago God lead me into fasting and praying. Read Jentzen Franklin's book"Fasting" and it has been life changing.would love to know what the site mentioned in this article is. I totally believe that illness is diet related and I totally LOVE and believe in God
Michelle Stensgar
I heard that fasting with prayer and change rids cancer. And I am willing give this a go.
maria whetu
i am also diagnosed with cancer. I just had a hysterectomy on my way to recovery. the histopath has not come out yet but it has done amazing things to my family. I started my healthy living last month the elimination of meat, sugar, milk and more. Faith and Prayer makes a big difference. Relationship with God and looking for our purpose. My whole family is going to be saved! Thank u very much for sharing. u give hope to us. I am sharing ur story on my fb wall. God Bless u more.
dianlane gaddi
would you please provide me with the web site that you used. Thank you so much
Praise God. By His (Jesus) stripes we are healed. I should be grateful if you would give me name of website. Thank you.
Fasting with vegi juice preferably grown without pestacides is one of the best combat against cancer. See the thing about cancer is it is just like us it needs to eat to grow. But it grows off the unhealthy. Cancer grows faster off junk food, meats, oily stuff... really just garbage food. Cancer has to work much harder to survive off green food. SERIOUSLY.. DON'T NOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT.
What is the name of the 'reputable website?' THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell us the name of the website
I also have been healed through prayer and fasting. Proper diet, exercise and spiritual health are essential in maintaining mental, physical and spiritual wellness.
Thanks for sharing!
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