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Discover why you have tried to change your eating habits so many times—and failed. Learn how to fast safely, break food addictions successfully, and eat healthfully. Understand how your spiritual life is connected to your eating habits. 

You will find Christian content, but don’t let that scare you off; FreedomYou is one of the best research-based sites on fasting, detox and nutrition. 

So what do . . .  

  • Fasting
  • Spiritual Health 
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Breaking Addictions
  • Health 

     . . . all have in common?

Each one are vital steps toward gaining control over your health. Here’s how it works. Fasting results in physical and spiritual detoxification, plus fasting is a powerful tool in breaking food addictions. This is vital because addictions to salt, fat, and sugar make it impossible for you to manage your weight and health. Most of all, fasting will restore intimacy with God; without intimacy, there can be no freedom. 
But fasting is not enough. What about the rest of your eating life? Not only do the resources on this site equip you to fast successfully, but FreedomYou provides all of the nutritional and spiritual information to help you eat in freedom so that fasting can become a launching pad to a brand-new life of health.  
I encourage you to check out The Steps To Freedom Program, our four-book series that teaches you how to fast, deal with your food addictions, and arms you with the knowledge of how to eat healthily and freely. This program has been our bestseller for the last twelve years, and the countless email testimonies we have received prove that it works. Take some time to read our Fasting Testimonies and Book Reviews. If you have a fasting story or simply want to drop us a line, email Ron at ron@freedomyou.com


We Have Come a Long Way

Since FreedomYou went online twelve years ago, millions have learned how to experience the physical and spiritual health God intended us to have. Finally, we have launched our new site with updated information while dramatically increasing our fasting and nutrition content. Your email questions directed us toward what needed to be written. Thank you for helping us shape the direction of this site. Read about our launch. 

How To Find What You’re Looking For

Exploring our wide range of information is easier than ever. Look at the top menu bar. The drop-down headings make it effortless to locate the article you are looking for. On the left side is the “Related Articles” box. You can scroll through a list of articles that are relevant to the page you are reading, or simply read to the bottom of a page and follow the provided link to the next related page. Of course, there is always the “Search the Site” box on your top left; this is a handy tool when wanting to get to something specific, for example, “gluten in bread,” or “soy protein.” 

On the right side are links to related books and juicers. Finally, Ron Lagerquist’s New Blog.

Check out Ron's other site: www.thejuicenut.com for detailed information on the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, and juice recipes.  

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Great Site! Thanks!
I Like the new site and its easy to navigate.
I stumbled upon this site, and I am so glad that I did. I am very interested in learning about breaking food addictions, and the spiritual side of health. Thank you so much.
I accidently found this site last week and have been visiting it everyday since. It has alot of good information on fasting for physical and spiritual healing. I love it and it will stay in my favorite bookmarks from now until... forever. Thank you.
I opened the first Juice Bar in the Virgin Islands in March 2013. If you are ever traveling to St. John, I hope you will stop in.
Kerrin Patrie
Hi, I visited your site a few years ago. I preferred the design of the older one, but the info is just amazing. Thanks so much
Lucy Ingham
the fasting dairies did not improve since this site was created, it needs to be created in more social way.
Rating on website doesn't make the site look professional
Love the website. Added to my favs!! God Bless!!
Applause Mr. Lagerquist for finally providing guidance to Christian's on fasting, looking at it from a Biblical perspective and the benefits of obeying God. I found it very helpful! I donated a kidney in 2006 and have been battling health issues since though I do eat healthy. I have 2 corrections to your book for consideration. One of the recipes states to add an entire apple, seeds and all. Seeds contain cyanide and should not be ingested. Though the seeds are small and likely would not cause much harm, it still defeats the purpose. One should core apples before adding to juicer. Secondarily, you stated that God is in everything! Not to get into a theological debate, but He is not in everything, only those things created by Him and for Him. He is not in those that are not in Christ. This thought process was started by the New Age movement and slowly made its way into the church through Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Life and a Course in Miracles promoted by Oprah. Neither of which are 100% Biblical. We know what leaven does to a body-so goes it for the church. We must test the spirits and everything to Scripture. Otherwise, I am so thankful for this ebook and teaching and will be sharing it with others. I applaud you Mr. Lagerquist and thank you!
Grammy G
Excellent information. You have been with me since I started fasting. Thank you!
Keep up the good work!
This site is one of the best internet site I have ecountered. I have learnt so much from here. May God continue to keep and enrich the mangers with more wisdom.
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