About The Bible

By: Ron Lagerquist

It has sold more than 2.4 billion copies since 1816. It’s been on the best sellers’ list for the last 400 years and has been translated in over 1,500 languages. It has had a greater impact on culture, world views and individual lives than any other book. It has been responsible for wars, revolutions and reformations. It spans over 1,500 years, written in three different languages by 44 authors, making up a total of 66 books. Once laughed at, it is now used by archaeologists to find lost civilizations—its historical accuracy is impeccable. Its predictions of future events have been fulfilled by the hundreds with shocking precision. It is the foundation for law and morality for many nations. It unveils the origins of man and his final destiny. It explores and reveals the deepest philosophical questions of humanity. It is practical, yet deeply spiritual. Simple, yet filled with eternal mysteries. Its words are able to cut into the very heart of man, often resulting in overwhelming displays of emotion, conviction, freedom, courage and self–respect. It is authoritative not only on earth, but in the heavens. Principalities and powers must bow before its command. It is a window to heaven. A biography written in God's own handwriting. A love letter. A manual for life. When heaven and earth come crashing down and the stars fall from the sky, it will be left standing solid, for it is eternal living Logos.

Its words are food for the soul—spiritual words in spiritual truths. It sits on many Christians' shelves collecting dust or in a pretty case, symbolizing the meaninglessness and the shallowness of their faith. We live in the most sinful period in history. Now more than ever we need to rediscover the eternal resource and awesome power of the Word of God.

Often parents feel at a loss in communicating with their children. They call it the generation gap. The kids feel as if their parents don't understand—the parents feel like the kid's don't listen. Our Heavenly Father must feel the same way! The sinful mind is hostile to God (Rom 8:7). It is impossible for God to communicate to His children when their minds have been molded and shaped by a sinful world. Transforming the mind is a process that requires investments of time in His Word. But the dividends will be a life of confident decisions which are in God’s will and blessing.

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Thought provoking article. In this life, making time for the Bible should be the priority of us so called Christians!! I am guilty and thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit, convicting me for my neglect of reading the Bible.
Dee Jay
Really enjoyed your article.
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