About FreedomYou E-Books

Why should I buy an E-Book over a hard copy?

  • Receive your E-Book immediately after placing your order.   
  • Our E-Books are compatible with any Read like the Kindle.
  • There are no shipping or tax costs.
  • E-Books are environmentally friendly;  no trees are destroyed.
  • You can change magnification for easy reading.
  • Print part or whole book as many times as you want.
  • Copy the E-Book to any computer you own.

What is an E-Book?

E-Books are a digital version of paper books, stored on your computer.  Word Finder can be used to cross reference the text. Potentially thousands of E-Books can be stored on your computer or lap-top, creating a digital library of available information.  
Our E-Books are in PDF format, the most widely used format in the world for sharing documents like E-Books.  All computers have Adobe Reader, which is the program that opens PDF files.
Our files are also zipped so they are more compact.  Unless you have a very old computer, you can easily unzip your file by right clicking and selecting "extract all".  If you have any trouble doing this, do not worry, we can simply send you an unzipped version of the books as attachments.    
If you have any problems e-mail us at: E-Book Trouble 

How do I order an E-Book? 

You can purchase an E-Book by adding it to your Shopping Cart and proceeding through our order form.  After placing your E-Book order, a window will open up with your download link.

How long will it take to download an E-Book? 

The download time depends on the size of the E-Book you order and the speed of the modem you have for your computer. Download times average 30 seconds.

What is the return policy for E-Books? 

E-Books are nonrefundable.

What if I have trouble downloading an E-Book? 

Just send us an email and we'll help you through the process: E-Book Trouble 

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First ebook....that experience gets a 5 stars - made easy on your site. Bought and downloaded within one minute from a home base that has a slow computer...now hoping my journey will find a path as easy to see and follow - though it will take help!
This is really good news for me. I've despaired of finding a way to deal with my mucus problems and my weight and you have given me the perfect answer to both. Many thanks
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