Fasting Tips: Don’t Tell People

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fasting is an exciting event and it is easy to blab off to everyone that you are on a fast, especially when you begin to experience the incredible benefits. The problem is that you set yourself up for failure and disappointment when you make your fast public. There are two reasons for this:

First, most people will think that you are crazy. They will not understand. And if you do not have any fear of fasting, they will supply all the fear you need. Satan often uses those who are closest to us to cause the most trouble.

You look like you have aids!

You're becoming a fanatic!

You're going to become protein deficient!

Times have changed, people don’t fast anymore!

Are you under a doctor's supervision?

Fear, fear, fear, fear--the last thing you need on your fast is fear. And, keep in mind fear does not come from God, it comes from the devil.

Secondly, do not tell people that you are fasting as it can cause the fast to become a law to your heart. When you are tempted to break the fast, the thinking will be that, Aunt Myrtle, Uncle Ed, Dad, Mom, and half the church knows I’m on a fast. If I quit now, I’ll be humiliated in front of all of them.

Your fast is between you and God and no one else. And when you are being tempted to break, it is not Aunt Murtil you need to be concerned with. You are fasting because you are in love with Jesus. The key to a great fast is to stay fixed on Jesus, not people or circumstances. Keeping your fast between you and God will help you stay focused in times of temptation.

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it is true.
Angel Thomola
Yes, I agree. Most people will think it is nuts. I think it is nuts to be obese and missarable.
Thank you so much! I love the saying "you are fasting because you are in LOVE with Jesus" THAT is going to get me through some hard times!
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