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  • ...April 28, 2016...
    The Grief of Ending My Fast
     Normally this is an exciting time of anticipation. I think about how delicious the food will taste. Not today.
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Fasting Healed Old Scar Tissue

Fasting Testimony By Diana

“What amazed me was the complete healing of old scar tissue from both a breast biopsy and an accident where I had severely lacerated 3 fingers many years earlier.”

Nine years ago I decided to go on a short fast for spiritual reasons. I am tall, thin and have a high metabolism so I decided that I would just fast from any foods with sugar. While searching for a website at work I discovered Freedomyou and found it to be a Christian based site. Freedomyou was in the favourites and how it had got onto my computer I have no idea. But after reading many of the articles, God put on my heart to do an extended juice fast. 

I was scared because my family was very angry at this decision and they all said that I would starve to death! Your site was a great encouragement on days when feeling the effects of detoxifying. I managed 28 days on juice, water and herb teas and then two days more on water alone. Yes, I was very thin after 30 days, but I was able to work and take care of my home. It was a special time with God and it enabled me to have extended times in prayer and bible study, and a sense of His nearness that does not come when living out the busyness of my normal lifestyle. 

On the physical front I was healed of chronic headaches, hay fever, muscular stiffness and what also amazed me was the complete healing of old scar tissue from both a breast biopsy and an accident where I had severely lacerated 3 fingers many years earlier. I had been told that I would suffer from arthritis in those joints because they remained stiff due to scar tissue.

One very funny incident happened at a wedding I attended during my fast. I had explained to the hosts that I would not be eating and had taken a thermos of juice with me to the wedding. The poor woman who was seated next to me at the dinner was horrified when she saw that I was served no food and that I was drinking only juice. I briefly explained I was on a fast, which was met with a deluge of negative words to the effect that I would end up passing out from lack of food. Sometime later, that dear lady got up from the table and ended up fainting and medics had to be called. I was perfectly fine.

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Praise the Lord I do parcial fasting one light meal a day plus plenty water - you are encouraged me to fast with juices I just had a rotary cuff shoulder surgery the Lord healed me the doctor didn't found nothing wrong in my shoulder but I need healing in others areas of my body what I am praying for. blessings
I am thinking of doing something similar, have scar tissue in my left knee
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